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Who We Are

Fight Fortress Mixed Martial Arts is a No Holds Barred fight training facility where people are transformed into fighters, vicious and skilled during combat while peaceful and harmless in general life.We, the Fight Fortress Crew, firmly believe that if you want peace you need to be ready for war, and warriors are what we engineer at our gym. Fight Fortress is certified by Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan (www.pak-mma.com)
Mixed Martial Arts is the extract of a research where the world’s best combatants, belonging to different fighting styles, fought each other to find out the best style. The end result showed that there is no such thing as ‘best style’ , but in order to be the best fighter, one needs to be well rounded. One must know how to fight on his/her feet and his/her back. This gave birth to the concept of Mixed Martial Arts or Vale Tudo (Portuguese) which means ‘Anything Goes’. We strongly believe that MMA is the best self defense because it is absolutely realistic and has no fancy kicks,katas or steps. The goal is clearly defined, ‘protect yourself & finish your opponent’.

Who Should Join?

Fight Fortress is the right place for those of you who:
  • want to get stronger, both mentally and physically
  • are being bullied at school or workplace
  • want to get rid of all the frustration
  • possess a lot of anger
  • want to protect themselves from every expected and unexpected fear and threat

Fees & Schedule

Our Fees and Schedule details are as follows:

Show up for the FREE Trial Class. If you make up your mind, fill a form and submit the charges for the desired course.

** Charges depend upon the number of days you decide to train a week.

• The timetable has been designed to cater to the needs of everyone.

• Show up five minutes before your choice of time and session for your Lesson Of the Day. People arriving during sessions will not be allowed to train.

• Morning sessions are ladies only, while rest of the classes are co-ed.

• There is no age limit for training. Classes are for both men and women.

Life at Fight Fortress


Venue & Contact

31 & 32, 2nd Floor,

Al-Anayat Plaza,

G-11 Markaz, Islamabad

|| +923129974268 | eks@fightfortressmma.com ||

Convinced Enough?

If so, please book yourself a Trial Class (FREE) appointment using the calendar on the right, and show up at your selected time. Please note that 10 AM to 1PM is LADIES ONLY, so please book accordingly. Also, a maximum of 50 Trial Classes a month can be entertained. Thankyou!